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East Main Evaluation & Consulting, LLC (EMEC) was established in January 2004, serving a small client-base with evaluation services for state and federally funded grants. As 2004 progressed into 2005, our client-base grew to include the evaluation of additional grant projects and the expansion of services to include grant preparation, program planning, and technology assistance.


Services and Expertise
The primary service that EMEC provides to clients is external evaluation. We employ various evaluation methodologies based on the needs of the client, the program that is to be implemented, and the funds that are available.

EMEC specializes in the evaluation of STEM programs due to our interests and educational background. All of our current and previous evaluation efforts have been related to STEM-focused efforts. We are well versed at applying outcome-based evaluation, but have also expanded our methodologies as the programs have required many times.


Currently, we are applying systems concepts to the field of evaluation. It is the systems-based methodology that provides us with the tools to handle large, complex evaluation tasks that involve humans. Most evaluation methods assume that the organization or program being evaluated is stable, controllable, and predictable. When the organization is complex, and constantly changing to adapt to its environment, a systems-based evaluation is a better choice for the evaluator. A systems perspective provides the evaluation team with a framework to investigate beyond activities and their anticipated outcomes. This method has resulted in a more complete understanding of the projects to which it has been applied, leading to improved quality of information provided to the clients.

News & Events

Ferner, Wilkinson, & Heath had the manuscript "Using Patterns to Teach Parallel Computing" accepted for the Fourth NSF/TCPP Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing Education (EduPar-14) which will be held May 19, 2014 in Phoenix.


Barbara and Anthony Heath attended the UNCW Scholarship Donor dinner in February.


EMEC celebrated their 10th Anniversary during January 2014. Thank you to all who joined us for the lunch and open house.


The EMEC scholarship established at UNCW has been awarded to Katelyn Kerns, a junior computer science major focusing on digital arts. Congratulations!


Barbara Heath, Aruna Lakshmanan, and Catherine Freeman led a demonstration session at the American Evaluation Association Conference in Washington, DC. October 16, 2013. View slide deck.

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